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Katoomba serves as the capital town of the Blue Mountains City in the NSW state, Australia. The town is located 110 KM west of Sydney as well as 39KM south east of Lithgow town. This town is popularly known for its amazing mountain views as well as nature walks and wide-ranging bush in the neighbouring Blue Mountains. It is current population is more than 8,000 people.


Katoomba and its neighbour Medlow Bath were originally established to be tourist destinations in the late 19th century when several classic hotels such as Belgravia and Carrington were built and extended.

Shale and coal mining was also another economic activity that was practised in Jamison Valley over many years before Katoomba developed into a resort town after the seams were fully exhausted by the 20th century. In 1960s, the town had somewhat deteriorated and a number of guest houses were changed into other functions such as convalescent hospitals. The housing in the Katoomba town was not expensive, enabling a lot of young families to settle and establish themselves.

Later in 1980s, the hotels as well as guest houses again become live and majority of them were reinstated to their earlier full glory.


The major industry of Katoomba town is tourism which is mainly based on the mountain scenery. The most famous feature in the region is the rock formation which is called commonly the Three Sisters. It is well viewed from the Echo Point which is approximately 2KM south of the central town. The Three Sisters is said to attract more than 4,000,000 visitors every year. Other natural attractions of the towns that can be viewed from the Echo Point which comprises of Mt Solitary as well as the rock formation commonly called Ruined Castle. Visit the Giant Stairway, just a few miles from Echo Point, to be able to access a variety of nature walks via the Valley.

The area also includes a number of remarkable waterfalls, hanging swamps, as well as vast lands of condensed sub-tropical rainforest. Scenic World is another major attraction located in the south-west of the Katoomba town which is a tourist complex. The railways line was established to facilitate oil shale and coal extraction in Jamison Valley.
The town is also well serviced by high class guest houses and hotels, with the Carrington Hotel being the most prominent and oldest inhabiting the uppermost point in Katoomba. It also features a number of well-appointed health spas, restaurants, cafes, and pubs and clubs.
Katoomba town also has several significant buildings including the Uniting Church, Heritage-listed Carrington Hotel, Carrington Hotel, Swiss Cottage (formerly known as Lurline Cottage), Mount St Mary's College and Convent, Kapsalie, Katoomba Court House, Varuna and Paragon Café.


The Katoomba town experiences summer day time temperatures ranging from 30 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius. The summer temperatures during night are normally in low teens. Winter temperature in Katoomba town is usually at about 10 degrees Celsius. The region also experiences about 3 settled snowfalls every year.

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